Track Details

There is currently over 14800 feet of 7½” gauge track built to the IBLS standards. The track consists of approximately 7500 feet of main line rail and an additional 7300 feet of sidings and interchange track.

The track can be switched to run in a single direction loop or a bi-directional dogbone with a total run of over 8400 feet back to the starting point.

There is currently 800 feet of dedicated storage track plus multiple storage buildings.

The 21 elevated steaming bays are equipped with water, air and electric. The combination lift/transfer table will handle equipment with a wheel-base up to 13 feet 5 inches but we can handle one piece of equipment with a total length of 20 feet.

All main line switches are #8 with a minimum main line radius of 65 feet. All equipment that conforms to IBLS standards for wheel gage and contour are welcome.