You have reached the home page of the Ridge Live Steamers, Inc. This website is provided for the benefit of our members, model railroad and live steam enthusiasts. RLS Corporate property is private and visits are by invitation only. Fellow live steamers and those truly interested in the live steam and model railroading hobby are welcome. RLS is a non-profit organization and will work with other non-profit organizations dedicated to further the awareness of our railroad heritage.

RLS is a 7½" gauge railroad that currently has 7,500 feet of mainline with an additional 7,300 feet in sidings and yards. We also have a 180 foot, 3 track loop of elevated Gauge 1 and G-Gauge. Stationary and steam traction engines are also welcome.

Please use the contact information provided on this website if you wish to schedule a visit to Ridge Lines Railroad.

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2015 Fall Meet

The 2015 Ridge Live Steamers Fall Meet is here. At 11:30 on Saturday morning at the corner of the pump house Mort Tiley’s family will be dedicating a monument in Mort’s memory commerating Tiley Corner. It will chronicle the history of Tiley Corner. When the steaming bays had been installed the side boards were not attached. Mort had retrieved the boards from Julian VanSickle’s property and was transporting them in his pickup truck to the track. He backed up to the pump house at a rapid rate of speed so as not to get stuck in the soft sand, basing his approach on the 8-foot bed of his pickup truck, totally ignoring the fact that the boards were 14-feet long. As a result the corner of the pump house was “wiped out.” The following weekend Mort and Dick Milota returned to the scene equipped with plywood and tools to restore what has come to be known as “Tiley Corner.”

The Saturday Pot Luck dinner will be at 6:00 pm as usual. No reservations are required for camping, first come first served. Although it would be nice if you e-mailed the Secretary of your intentions at

For pictures from last years meet, click here.

2016 Card Order Sessions

The 2016 Card Order Sessions, have been expanded to two days. This will allow the organizers to distribute the cars and ready trains for dispatching in a more relaxed manner. Why, because they will not have to race around at the end of Saturday to retrieve the cars around the layout. The second day will allow for more operation for those that want a little more, and allow the organizers a more relaxed collection of cars.

For pictures from last years meet, click here.

2015 Spring Meet

RLS would like to thank all of our guests and volunteers for making this year's Spring Meet another fun and successful event.

For pictures from the meet, click here.

2015 Winter Meet

The RLS portion of this year's FLS Winter Meet has come to a close but the memories will last a while longer. We've enjoyed great weather in recent years so this was our year to deal with overcast skies throughout the meet and rain on Saturday. Even with the less than ideal weather at times there was still a ton of activity everywhere you looked and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The food truck that we usually use was sold last year so this year was the first time in many years that we didn't have the familiar big red truck available for lunch. After several unsuccessful attempts to find a replacement, several folks volunteered to cook and serve hot dogs, hamburgers and pulled pork. A big thank you to all those who volunteered to serve the hungry crowd a delicious lunch each day. The pot-luck dinner on Friday saw a very full pavilion with a variety of tasty foods and desserts. RLS would like to thank all of our guests and volunteers for making this year's Winter Meet another fun and successful event.

For pictures from the meet, click here.

Did you miss the last newsletter?

If you missed the last newsletter, it's okay, you won't be left out. You can still catch up on the latest news by reading the newsletter online. RLS is happy to announce that a newsletter section has been added to the site. To read previous issues of the newsletter, click here.

2015 Fall Meet
October 23 - October 25, 2015

Next Run Day
November 28, 2015

Next Card Order
January 2-3, 2016

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